Portfolio > Environmental Art, 2005-present

It is hard for me to watch the alteration of the natural landscape without having it profoundly affect me.

In response to the environmental condition, my Nature in Danger series includes statements on tree wraps, tree tags and table tents. The tree wraps are fabric bands tied to tree trunks, similar to arm bands. They represent a silent protest for nature. The table tents are placed in public or private places as casual reminders for those that come in contact with them. The tree tags are made from paper and attach to branches as surprise encounters. They deteriorate over time from rain, mold, etc. and eventually disintegrate, fall and disappear. I am fascinated by the natural deterioration of items and the cycles of life.

environmental tree wrap made of fabric, painted word by Rebecca Stuckey
three environmental tree wraps on display in Gainesville, GA
Fabric, wood, thread
60" x 72"
Environmental Art Tree Tags to be placed on tree branches by Rebecca Stuckey
Paper & thread
2 1/2" x 5 1/2"